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Jarem-Roots Celebrates Diversity and richness of all cultures

in the art of dance and music.

«... in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.»

Maya Angelou

Help us Build a narrative dance with live music, that celebrates our diversity, the beauty in our cultural differences, and sends a message of peace, and togetherness. 

I strongly believe that the way to successfully achieve this is through the universal language of dance, music and the arts.

Different communities are represented by different dance styles;

Flamenco, Indian contemporary "Katak", Hip Hop and Afro Diaspora.

("Jarem-Roots" Teaser 2014)

It tells stories that showcase the interaction of diversity within communities, massive migration, and the power and strength of unity.

Accompanied by live music this allows the audience to truly become captivated in the richness of cultural exchange.

This magical journey takes you from urban street dances to Flamenco, Indian Contemporary "Katak" to African Diasporic dances.

Jarem-Roots is a dance theater production which explores and touches the evolution and history of humanity.

The message of this piece shows we are stronger unified no matter our race, background, gender, social status.

The world needs help right now, to build bridges not walls.


• To promote cultural differences

• To provide the community with a multicultural experience

• To shine a light on the suppression but excitement of individuality

• To encourage that understanding of cultures will tradestereotyping and division.

• To increase awareness of cultures in a positive light for all.

Target Demographics

  •  Demographics: 8 - 80 year olds.

  • Hispanic,Afro-American,Indian,


  • This project will speak to dance,music and theatre specialists alike, for it covers all grounds.

    • The story is told through 4 different dance styles. Dancers have to tap into their acting skills to evoke emotions not only through their movements but through their soul to make the audience believe in their journey.

  • MUSIC plays a huge part in thisproject because the whole show will be accompanied by live musicians who will bring to life the story. The music will marry Flamenco guitar, violins, Indian tabla drums, drum kit, DJ, bass and djembe drum.

By helping us develop this project you would support

independent artists and promote art with a message, a purpose.

("Jarem-Roots" Finale Rehearsal video 2014)

Jarem- Roots


Jarem-Roots has already travelled internationally with a concept video in Paris with critically acclaimed local artists.

A section of the piece, the afro- diaspora section, "The Lost Goddess" was also developped and premiered in Dixon Place NYC before it was toured in England as a work in progress receiving outstanding feedback and reviews.

This is only the beginning of Jarem-Roots touching different audiences in different towns and countries.

("Jarem-Roots" Paris Concept Video 2017)


Musical Director/Composer

Okai ( (
(Carnigie Hall, Madison square garden, B.A.M,Bands, Strings N Skins, Brown Rice Family,Brooklyn Museum, American museum of Natural History)

Eric Animan

(The X Factor (uk), China Crisis (saxophonist),The Swiss Army Big Band, Mic Lorry)


Adriana Olivares ( Bowl, Winner of National Certamen Flamenco Vivo 2018, Broadwayentremundos, Amor Bruno at Walt DisneyConcert Hall, Study Between World’s ofBroadway)

Arielle Rosales ( of Duende, Carnigie Hall, The Joyce Theater, Dixon Place, The Today Show, MTV, Target, Nokia, Good Morning America)

Indian Contemporary

Brinda Guha ( Dance Festival, Hammerstein Ballroom, Dixon Place, Madison Square Garden,Director, Choreographer of Kalamandee dance company), Kalamandir Dance

Swapnil Dagliya (India)

( Festival ( Gentse Fessten), Boombal Festival, VTM Channel (Belgium TV), Directorof Shoonya Dance Centre, Director of ABC a Bollywood Company)

Hip Hop

Ann-Sylvia Clark

(Alicia keys , MTV European music awards, Reebok, Hip Hop Nutcracker)

Sami Blond (Paris)

(HipHop International Championship (Paris), ‘’La France a un Incroyable Talent’’ M6 (french tv), Didier Theron, Massala)

Ramone ‘Mone Swiff‘ Wilkinson

(Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Apple, YouTube, Google)

Afro Cuban/West African

Jenny Eframova

(Featured soloist with BalaSole Dance Company, Kotchegna Dance Company, Featured Choreography at Apollo Theatre NYC, Performance at The Bessie Awardswith MOPDC at BAM, Today’s Show)

Afro Brazilian

Janete Silva

(Carnegie Hall, Radio City - Road to Rio Olympics, El Museo del Barrio, Co Founderof Silva Dance Company)

Leandro ‘Alegria’ Silva (

So you think you can dance

(Canada),Radio City - Road to Rio Olympics, DanceBrazil, Artistic Director and Choreographer of Silva Dance Company

("The Lost Goddess" Teaser 2018)

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