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Roots of Rumba Tour - The Lost Goddess

Myriam was thrilled to tour her work for the first time with the 'Roots of Rumba Tour'.

"I am very excited to be able to present and share this original piece called 'The Lost Goddess'.

The Lost Goddess is inspired by one of Maya Angelou’s poems called, “Alone”.

This piece was performed last year, Sept 2017 in a showcase in NY and is part of a bigger show called 'Jarem Roots' which is still in development.

Myriam reached out to an internationaly renouned percussionist to help compose the music for this original piece and was performed by Okai himself at the NY performance.

It is important for me to share this because In today's world, the answers given to face struggle tend to divide us.

One will never be free until we all are.

Reaching out to what we all have in common and to what was here before us, is one of the beautiful ways to finally unite.

This dance piece is about the Lady of the River, a goddess who has been asleep for over 1, 000 years.

A ceremonial dance has been passed down through the generations in attempt to wake up the goddess. Those who know it have dedicated their lives to this ritual. Legend states that the goddess can only be awakened by someone worthy of learning the ways of the four elements (earth, water, wind, fire) However, no one has proven successful.

One day, an unlikely individual accidentally awaks the goddess.

This young woman stumbled upon another performing the ceremonial dance. The curious individual began to attempt the movements she had witnessed, not knowing what they were for.

The goddess, now awake, begins to teach the unlikely individual the ways of the elements. Conflict arises when the ceremonial dancer expresses her jealousy and confusion. She had dedicated her life to the goddess, yet was not chosen. The goddess then unites the two women by having them perform the ritual together.

She shows the ceremonial dancer that it's also what is inside that counts Ultimately, teaching them that together, they are stronger and more in tune with the elements.

“Alone, all alone

Nobody, but nobody

Can make it out there alone.” ...Maya Angelou

Myriam was also excited to design and create the costumes for the piece.

Myriam wants to thank the dancers from the NY performance Melinette Pallares and Sandra Passirani for jumping on the journey with her as well as Okai for bringing it to life with the amazing rhythms.

And of course thank Ella Mesma and 'Roots of Rumba Tour' for accepting her piece in the line up.

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