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Acceptance . Culture . Unity . Dance

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Celebrates Diversity and richness of all cultures

through the art of dance and music.

«... in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.» -Maya Angelou


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The collective was founded in 2013 by Myriam Gadri under the name INNOvation Artists with other like-minded dancers and choreographers from all walks of life contributing to unique work that aims to inspire and entertain through all styles of creative dance, theater, storytelling & music but also to transcend gender, race, age and background.

After a few creations the company became multidisciplinary and a piece titled Jaṛēṁ-Roots was created which unites different cultures and backgrounds. To spread a message of unity and tolerance while inspiring and entertaining audiences. The collective was so moved by the message of this choreography that the name of the collective evolved to “ MG & Jaṛēṁ-Roots Collectv”.

Help us build a narrative dance-theatre show with live music, that celebrates our diversity, the beauty in our cultural differences, and send a message of

hope, acceptance, tolerance and unity. 

we strongly believe that the way to successfully achieve this is through the universal language of live arts.

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Our Mission

The mission of the show is to build bridges between dance styles, cultures, communities across the world, and inviting local artists to promote local talent.

Our goal is to give the audience an experience, to take them on journeys filled with learning and reflection.

Collaborating with local dancers specialising in various styles is central to our touring original production.

We are continually innovating, learning new techniques to enrich our artistry and performance. Our ability to embody different styles and cultural dances resonates with us and our audiences.

Picture by Maria Panina (Adriana Olivares, Skizzo, Arielle Rosales)

Our Core Values

While supporting independent artists showcasing a multicultural experience, the show and our projects aims to encourage understanding of cultures other than your own and inspire change, acceptance and unity.

All the while contributing to the local economy.

Acceptance . Culture . Unity . Dance

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Jaṛēṁ-Roots International

Jaṛēṁ-Roots Collectiv has already travelled internationally with a concept video in Paris with critically acclaimed local artists.

"The Lost Goddess" was also developed and premiered in Dixon Place, NYC before it was toured in England as a work in progress receiving outstanding feedback and reviews.


"The message of this piece shows we are stronger unified no matter our race, background, gender, social status. The world needs help right now, to build bridges not walls."

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The Lost Goddess Teaser

* Collaborators of Jaṛēṁ-Roots *

MG & Jaṛēṁ-Roots Collective

Jaṛēṁ-Roots's storyline portrays diverse dance communities and touches on immigration while sending a message of acceptance and unity.

Jaṛēṁ-Roots is still a work in progress, but made its debuted back in 2015 with a 7min piece which included 12 dancers celebrating diversity and the richness of all cultures in the art of dance and music.

The piece touched on migration, tolerance, acceptance, unity, and women in the role of power. 

Flamenco, Hip-hop, Contemporary-Indian, and Afro-diasporic dances are the styles that represent the different communities, performed on a North African darbuka drum track.

Bringing these unique styles together on one stage was really something that created an energy that resonated with the performers and the audience.

Our goal is to eventually produce a

60 minute dance theatre show with live music and 3D projections to help the audience immerse themselves in the different worlds.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to perform the full show, with live music in a theatre near you and bring it to different communities!


 Jaṛēṁ-Roots:Worlds-Unite Show
( 12 to 24 dancers, 7 to 10 musician) 60 min - 2015… 

"By helping us develop this project you would support independent multi cultural artists and a minority owned company"


Bottom of the …
(2 dancers) 8, 10 to 20min - 2022

A new duet that touches on the struggle, strength, vulnerability, and power of two women across time. 

Interpreted by Kelsey Burns and Myriam Gadri, this dance-theater piece fusing dance styles such as jazz, contemporary,  latin, afro and hip-hop.

‘Bottom of the…’ is an inspiring piece that strives to encourage audiences to see their own strength and resilience. 

It is our latest piece to add to your programming repertoire- a thrilling/captivating duet exploring the beauty of womanhood. Through a series of tableus, scenarios throughout time, the audience is taken on a journey through childlike fun with girls being influenced by what they see on TV. Feeling sexy and embodying a character on stage to the shift back to reality off stage.  And the dynamics in the workplace not just by one gender to another but within the same group.


Combining vibrant choreography with theatricality, our performance is designed to spark conversations about the value of diverse women in the arts. This captivating piece captures the importance of community and inclusion and is set on a minimalist stage featuring two chairs and is complimented with a dynamic lighting design and music. Join us as we celebrate female power and creative expression.

"Bottom of the…" is an engaging thought-provoking dance piece making for a dynamic feature to a split bill or a festival.

The beauty of this piece is that people will be able to relate to the different situations depicted by tableaus, no matter what culture or background they are from.


" I have no clue how to be a woman in a way that does not judge other women" - Anonymous 


The Lost goddess
(3 or 4 dancers and 1 musician) 15 to 20 min  - 2017

A dance theatre piece about ‘The Lady of the River’: a goddess who has been asleep for over 1000 years. A ceremonial dance has been passed down through the generations and is used in an attempt to wake up the goddess. Those who know it have dedicated their lives to this ritual. Legend states that the goddess can only be awakened by someone worthy of learning the ways of the four elements (earth, fire, wind, and water ). The Lost Goddess is inspired by one of Maya Angelou’s poems called, “Alone” and is a section from the Jarem-Roots show. 

Story and concept my Myriam Gadri.

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( solo) 10 min - 2016

A solo about a free spirit trying to understand society and feeling lost in the process. She is torn between trying to fit in, doing what is said to be right but losing herself in the processes or trying to stay out of trouble. Or should she try and still listen to herself and feel more at peace navigating this new demanding world.


Original piece (12 dancers) 7min - 2014 - Debuted 2015

The original 7min number with INNOvation Artists, about conflict, acceptance, migration, and unity. Dance styles involved; Flamenco, Contemporary-Indian, HipHop and West African/Afro Brazilian.

Three members are taken in the middle of a celebration where they party is unfortunately attacked and each are taken to different worlds/communities.  We see them all adapt, survive, learn and in turn when reunited with their own people share the that they can coexist in peace without jumping to anger and conflict.

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Four Minutes of Freedom
(4 dancers) 4 min - 2014

‘Four Minutes of Freedom' with INNOvation Artists at the time. 

Four women working at a plantation find their four minutes of freedom whilst washing clothes at the river. The river is out of sight from the main house so they know they can let loose. We see them all come out of their shell and finally expressing themselves individually but they loose track of time in the process and unfortunatly get caught.

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Forever CanCan
(2 dancers) 2m30 - 2014 - Video 

Two retirees reminiscing on their younger years performing day whilst listening to the radio in their retirement home. After hearing a about a contest the radio DJ play the CanCan. That sets them back and they decide to stand and try to remember their routine. Rollers flying, memory issues and aching joints wont stop them getting through it.


(6 dancers) - 2013

The first piece created by all the members of INNO (INNOvation Artists), each person created a section that brought the diversity of Tribes to life.

 The different dance styles, energy, and dynamic of each individual set the bar for the company and future projects.

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