Liyannaj Martinique Guadeloupe

Choreographed by Franck Muhel

Dancers: Franck Muhel & Myriam Gadri

Artist: Legendary Ti Emile “Ti Kanno”

Life Is Now II - Teaser

Model-Dancer-Actor: Myriam Gadri: Dancer 

Model: Michael Edwards

Music: "Mambo Sin Fronteras" composed & arranged by Mitch Frohman -

Video Editing: Guillaume Lefebvre 

Jaṛēṁ-Roots Concept VidEUROPE

Sharing talent and love with amazing dancers and a musician in Paris, using parts of my choreography from Jaṛēṁ-Roots in this concept video.

Music: Bassem-Tabel Bassem - (Egyptian Disco - Buddha Bar)

Dancers: Jay-C Val, Claire Bouillot, Sami Blond, Klara Beyeler- Cénac

Musician/actor: Christophe Cénac

Choreography: Myriam Gadri

Filming/editing: Eldad Productions

Studio: Studio HeartPoint, Paris

Behind the Scenes of The Hip Hop Nutcracker 2015

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of our show. Created by Mike Fitelson and Jennifer Webber

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Best of France - Martinique!

Franck Muhel Dance Company

Time Square event of 'The Best of France' Festival.

Franck Muhel Dance Company was delighted to represent Martinique with its

traditional dances. 'Life is Now!'

"Jaṛēṁ" Teaser 2014

INNO'vation Artists

In collaboration with:

Arielle Rosales

Brinda Guha

Adriana Olivares

"Jaṛēṁ-Roots" Finale Rehearsal Teaser 2014

INNO'vation Artists.

Choreographed by Myriam Gadri

The TODAY Show ' White Salsa Party'

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"The TODAY learns Salsa with the help of Talia Catro-Pozo! " 2014

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(Promotional video, Belgium Artist) 2015

Choreographed by Rodrigo Vanwersch and Myriam Gadri

Taj Lounge - Latin Mondays NY 'Just a bit of Fun'


Choreographed by:

Dani Firmino

Myriam Gadri

Skizzo Armedillo

"Rock Your Body BeatBox Choreo"

Choreographed by Franck ARNAUD-LUSBEC 

(aka Duracel Freaks) 2013

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NYC Salsa Congress 2013

Franck Muhel Dance Company - 'Robert'

Choreographed by Franck Muhel.


Latin Billboard Awards - 2013

Don Omar and Beto -  Zumba

Don Omar/Beto -  Zumba

Choreographer: Maria Toress

Assistant Choreographers:

Jermaine Browne, Ruthy Inchaustegul

Latin Billboard Awards - 2012

Don Omar

Choreographer: Maria Toress

Assistant Choreographers:

Hinton Battle, Jermaine Browne

Gas for Life Promotion -2012

Florida Lotto

Choreographer: Anabel Marrero

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