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About Myriam

Myriam was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and raised in several different countries and cultures including Africa, Geneva and London.


A born performer, Myriam is at home both on stage and in front of the camera.  Her dance skills are in constant demand and dancing is her first love, but she has also become a sought after model and host for both web and live events.


Myriam has a diverse dance training background, beginning her tuition at a small ballet school in Africa, followed by a highly reputable school in Geneva and then at The Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology, Pineapple Performing Arts and ultimately - through a full scholarship - at London Studio Centre and then moving to New York to train at Broadway Dance Centre.


This variety and depth of training has led Myriam to become an extremely versatile dancer, at home with all styles of dance – anything from hip hop to ballet to salsa.  Coupled with this is her background; Myriam has a deep understanding and appreciation of different cultures, allowing her to adapt easily to the demands of different types of choreography and performances.


Above all, Myriam is passionate about spreading joy and unity through dance.  She has recently founded a new dance company – INNOvartists – with dancers and choreographers from all walks of life contributing to unique work that aims to transcend gender, race, age and background to inspire and entertain.


Myriam’s openness, sense of humour, beauty and dynamism repeatedly shine through in every unforgettable, powerful performance.

Photograph by: Ismael Cruz Cordova

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