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The Queen's Ball : A Bridgerton Experience

New York

The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience (NYC) 2023



Artistic Director: Meagan Bordner

Tour Manager: Martin Lechner

Stage manager: Anna Rains, Mike Duff

Wardrobe & Makeup: Victoria Fernandez, Mick Gloss

Associate choreographer/Rehearsal director: Tina Desroshers

Rehearsal Director: Safiya Ricketts

Acro Coach: Angela Kim

Acting Coach : Dominique Hinman

Music Director : Martin Laniel


Myriam Gadri - Queen / Bee / Lady Donovan

Deijah Robinson - Queen / Bee / Lady Donovan

Alexis Dominique Tillman - Lady in Waiting (Queen & Maria Swing)

Minga Prather - Maria / Lady St Claire

Alexis Payton - Maria / Lady St Claire

Mark Osmundsen - Wilfred / Lord Brooks

Aiden Aaron Pressel - Wilfred / Lord Brooks

Noah Christopher Ruebeck - Sir Harris / Wilfred Swing

Chris Michael DiOrio Jr - Sir Harris


Katherine Chambres - Cello

Sarah Fazeendin - Violin

Rob Cookman - Piano


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