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A bit about my work...

Artists = Huriya (Freedom) /


I created an experimental music and dance cypher piece called Artists =Hurriya (freedom). The piece brought together musicians who freestyled a collaborative piece to which the dancers interpreted in various dance styles. 

Change this World /


I recently played the dual role of producer and choreographer for a world premiere music video for a song called "Changer ce Monde". I gathered over 60 people from around the world to film themselves doing the routine and spread their love showing unity through this ‘Change this world’ song.

Echoes to Freedom /




I produced a fundraiser called #DanceUndivided which brought together an eclectic range of performers to raise money for a third world empowerment program. 

I have developed a working relationship with Teatro LATEA producing various shows during their annual ”eMeLe-K: An Afro-Latin celebration” in honor of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

The Lost Goddess /


I choreographed The Lost Goddess, an original piece about the lady of the river: a goddess who has been asleep for over 100 years. The show depicts A ceremonial dance that has been passed down through the generations used in an attempt to wake the goddess. Those who know it have dedicated their lives to this ritual. Legend states that the goddess can only be awakened by someone worthy of learning the ways of the four elements (earth, water, wind, fire).

Jarem-Roots /

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 11.18.45.png

I created a fusion dance theatre experience titled Jarem- Roots with musicians, dancers, and choreographers from different cultures and backgrounds.  The unique production aims to transcend gender, race, and age to spread a message of unity and tolerance while inspiring  and entertaining audiences. 

InnoVation Artists /


I founded a dance company/collective called INNOvation Artists with other like-minded dancers and choreographers from all walks of life contributing to unique work that aims to inspire and entertain through all styles of creative dance, Theatre & Music but also to transcend gender, race, age and background.


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