An evening of diverse dance and music: from Flamenco, Contemporary Indian, Hip Hop, Afro-diaspora, to world disciplines -- we celebrate the universal language of dance and live arts, and the power it has to bring people together.

The proceeds of the event will go towards two deserving causes: one is building a full production of "Jarem-Roots", our original production portraying diverse dance communities and touches on immigration while sending a message of peace and unity.
The second half will benefit the Be/Come Empowered organisation, which will help build a women empowerment & arts program in third world countries (starting with a focus in Sierra Leone, who recently declared a state of emergency for women and girls who are being beaten, raped and paralyzed on the daily).

Come one, come all! We must build hope for girls and women around the world, that they can be anything they choose to be.
Let's start by fostering empathy and community through the live arts world we all love so dearly.
See you September 9th!
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