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INNO' Videos

Teaser of  'Jerem-Roots' 

Choreographed by Myriam Gadri

In colaboration with Arielle Rosales, Adriana Olivares (Flamenco), 

Brinda Guha (Indian Dance)

Rehearsal for ' Four minutes of Freedom'

Choreographed by Myriam Gadri

Dancer : Ann-Sylvia Clark, Jenny Eframova, Loreto Astroza, Mayriam Gadri

'A Perfect Date' 

Chorographed by Skizzo Arnedilo

Dancers: Myriam Gadri and Skizzo Arnedilo

A little comedy with "Forever Can-Can", Staged, Choreographed and performed by

Sandra Passirani and Myriam Gadri

'Imagine' Duet Choreographed by Skizzo Arnedilo and Myriam Gadri

Early rehearsal stages of 'Tribes'; 

INNO's First collaborative piece.


Choreographed and Performed by

Sandra Passirani, Jenny Eframova, Ann-Sylvia Clark,

Julien Kanor, Georgios Pillas, Skizzo Arnedilo

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