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En La Escena - at Rio Carnaval 2013

Whilst on holiday in Brazil, Myriam was fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time and join a New York based channel called En La Escena. She helped to document the 2013 Rio Carnival hosted by Talia Castro-Pozo.

En La Escena/On the Scene covers everything Latino in the fields of music, fashion, sports and films in North America, South and Central America and the Caribbean. In 2013 they explored a new field by documenting the Rio Carnival and following a school through their rehearsals, preparations and performance.

Myriam's role was photographer and "dance interpreter".

This was one of Myriam's best unplanned experiences yet.

Since then Myriam returned with En La Escena for her first Hosting segment, unveiling the Traditional Trinidadian dish called 'Bake and Shark' at Super Wings in Brooklyn.

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