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"Changer Ce Monde" Project

Change this world

“ Music, a few dance steps and a united planet is having a blast ..."

From Switzerland and New York, via Paris, Singapore, Senegal, South America and many more places, the Collectiv ’Planet virus is gaining traction.

In response to the imposed individualism due to the confinement, this movement aims to bring courage and happiness to all who watch and participate in it.

The concept originated in Lausanne, Switzerland, in an attic.

At that moment, producer and composer Bob Arnedo and the label "Swiss Artists Productions" were looking for positive tones to make the passage of COVID-19 less painful for everyone. They then compose a first French version of "Changer ce monde".

This music will immediately touch everyone around him and be the starting point of a great adventure.

The desire to dance to this solar music inspired Myriam Gadri, a professional dancer based in New York. She immediately invents a choreography that can be reproduced by as many people as possible. She then shares it with her large community of dancers, who jump at the opportunity to say "Yes", embark on the adventure and send their own version of the choreography.

Today dozens of videos from around the world have returned to Lausanne loaded with a positive spirit. You can see enthusiastic people of all ages and all origins in unique settings.

Professional performers who worked for Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys or even the winner and runner up of one of the seasons of American Idol, also participated in the movement.

A music video is currently being edited and will be available from August 7th 2020.

All videos will be shared on Tik Tok, Instagram and any other platforms that their authors will like.

This link between individuals from all over the world is particularly touching because it expresses everyone's vulnerability to the pandemic, but above all a shared cry in reaction to the depression it can cause. The song also expresses the solidarity that a virus can provoke on a global level. No country or community is safe until the rest of the planet is safe.

This positive spirit can be seen in the smile, the involvement and the variety of the dancers and musicians.

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