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Becoming Mother Duende #PERMISSIONTOBE

Come to Brooklyn Bridge Park and witness what happens when 5 powerhouse women grant each other #PermissionToBe their fullest, most authentic selves in a celebration of life and spiritual liberation! 🌞✨🔮💫🌙

Conceived & Directed by: Arielle

RosalesPerformed by: Arielle Rosales (Flamenco / Percussion)

Brinda Guha (Contemporary Indian)

Lola G. Sanchez (Tap)

Myriam Gadri (Afro-Latin House)

Xianix Barrera (Flamenco)

Thank you to Gibney & chashama for commissioning this residency, trusting me to live in my truth, and giving me the freedom to prioritize process-work over product.

This is a special one not to be missed! Come sit on the grass and vibe with us under the sunset overlooking the East River and the NYC skyline for FREE!

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